About Chalk and Cheese Occasions

Hi there! 

I'm Ana, a mum of two beautiful kiddos and three mischievous dogs. 

Chalk and Cheese Occasions was started while I was on maternity leave, a little creative outlet together with combining some ideas that have been floating around this mind of mine for years! 

Chalk and Cheese Occasions is all about making each occasion special. From the big ones like birthdays and Christmas, to the little ones like kids losing a tooth, or grown ups starting a new job. I believe that life is made up of memories, and if we can make them all a little sweeter... What's the harm? 

As for the name of the business, Chalk and Cheese are the names of the dogs I've had all my adult life. They're a wonderful pair of mini fox terrier sisters, and have been with me for twenty years until I lost little Chalk last year. You'll see pics of them pop up from time to time! 

Infant and Toddler with their mother, mum is playfully pretending to munch on the toddlers ear


The fine print: 

Zazu Solutions Pty Ltd trading as Chalk and Cheese Occasions. 

ABN 86 232 316 138. Registered for GST in Australia. Prices include GST.