Kids Party Activities

Let's talk party activities for kids

Let's talk party activities for kids

You've decided to throw a birthday party for your little one. This time, it's not at a playcentre, or laser tag. It's at home, or at a park. 

The decorations are organised, the cake ordered. You've put together a menu and you're feeling pretty organised. 

But, hang on. What exactly are the little terrors going to DO for two hours? 

Before you start scrolling through the local parents groups on socials, grab a cuppa; and check out this list (I've done the scrolling and saving for you!). 

Party activities for kids


Sensory Bins - Younger kids & toddlers 

  • Coloured Rice with different scoops 
  • Cooked coloured spaghetti pasta
  • Water tubs with watering cans
  • Play-Doh 
  • Ball Pit 

Scavenger Hunt - Older Kids & Tweens 

  • Check these out 
  • Tailor it to your party location - home, neighbourhood or park 

Musical Statues - Younger kids 

  • Get them up and moving with traditional musical statues
  • Did you know? They're playing musical statues during the Bluey intro!

Paint & Sip - Anyone

  • Not just for adults!
  • Set up some paint by number canvases and age appropriate paints
  • Make some kid-friendly mocktails 
  • They can take their creations home 

Karaoke - All Ages

  • Not gonna lie, these days I only do karaoke after a few grown-up beverages - but as a kid it was a different story
  • Kids love it! 
  • Builds their confidence, ability to laugh at themselves 
  • If a kid is a bit shy, encourage an adult to join in and be silly 


These ideas are all achievable with fairly minimal shopping involved - a trip to KMart or Big W should do the trick! 



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