Easy Kids Party Food, keep it simple. Fairy bread, fruit platter, BBQ or Hot Dogs and Veg Sticks and Crackers.

Kids party food... Take the stress out of catering and keep it simple!

Kids party food...

Take the stress out of catering and keep it simple!

If you've been scrolling Pinterest and Insta for gorgeous, photo worthy food ideas for your toddler or kids party; and feel overwhelmed - you don't have to. 

Think back to your childhood. Chances are, parties were a LOT different. There were maybe around ten photos taken in total, most at cake time. The goal of the party? Fun! 

We all know I love an Insta worthy party, after all, I make party decorations. That doesn't mean that I'm always up for spending hours in the kitchen beforehand making gourmet kids party food that, let's face it, half of the kids will turn their noses up at, and the other half will be too busy having fun to eat. 

The name of the game here is easy to make, and easy to eat. 



Yep, good old fairy bread. Health value? 0. Yum value? 10. It's a party, a special occasion, and it calls for a treat in the form of 100's & 1000's on plain soft, white bread with real butter.


Most kids will eat at least one type of fruit. This also helps you cater for any allergies or intolerances. Make it yourself, or buy pre-made; either way, there's not normally much left!

BBQ or Hot Dogs

I've done the complicated lunches. Noodles, salads, pastries... you name it. What always gets eaten? Sausage sandwiches or hot dogs. Make them gourmet with loaded toppings, or keep it simple with onion and sauce. Either way, it's a winner.

Veg Sticks & Crackers

Throw in some classic dips - think french onion, tzatziki, hummus... add some veg sticks and crackers, and you've got an easy to make and even easier to eat snack. And look at that, even some nutritional value!

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